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Who is OCCAM?

OCCAM is a National Consumer Advocacy Organization that acts as a self regulatory and compliance based ecosystem for the Consumer Financial Hardship Industry. Our business members are experts at delivering quality financial advocacy services and are committed to compliance, transparency, and self-regulation. Our members are vetted and equipped to provide the most appropriate services for the consumer’s unique financial needs. As a consumer, you can trust the members of this organization because we advocate for you and ensure that you get the service you contracted for and are satisfied with the results. Our goal is to virtually eliminate consumer harm in this industry and empower and equip the businesses that operate in this space with the most cutting-edge tools and resources to better assist and advocate for the consumers they serve.

Why should consumers choose OCCAM?

When you are in financial trouble, you are vulnerable to being taken advantage of. Shopping for a reliable financial assistance firm to help can be overwhelming. Many consumer help sites are actually owned and managed by the very companies you should avoid. Here at OCCAM, we take consumer safety very seriously. Our rigorous membership onboarding and vetting protocols ensure that only the best companies earn OCCAM Accreditation and membership. We reward good companies while protecting and informing consumers. From vetting and investigations to policy and compliance enforcement, OCCAM is the simplest answer to meaningful industry self-regulation. We are the GOLD Standard in the financial services industry.

Join the OCCAM Network:

As a business, you can trust that OCCAM is dedicated to making sure that you have the tools and resources you need to succeed. Not only do we provide a full suite of training, certification and accreditation services for our members, but also provide a multitude of organizational areas you can get involved. OCCAM boasts its own private Member’s Area Ecosystem with our own private social platform. Connect, collaborate and synergize with other industry professionals, get involved in one of our Action Committees or apply to join an Advisory Board. From compliance to performance, OCCAM is the new standard for industry self regulation and consumer advocacy. Our comprehensive audit and investigation process ensures that each member company is qualified, transparent, and reliable. Our Zero Tolerance Complaint Policy means that if a challenge arises, our member companies are mandated to address and handle all concerns to the consumer’s satisfaction. If the company fails to do so, we will step in and make it right. Our focus on consumer protection and industry evolution makes OCCAM the best choice for businesses that want to succeed in the consumer financial hardship industry.

Get Involved:

OCCAM is more than just a network of businesses. We are a community of consumer advocates working together to create a safe and reliable industry. Consumers can trust that our member companies are the best in the business, and businesses can trust that they have the support they need to succeed. If you are a business or a consumer, we invite you to join us in our mission to create a better industry. Contact us today to learn more about how you can get involved.

Contact Us:

At OCCAM, we are always here to help. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. You can contact us through our website or by emailing us at.We look forward to hearing from you.