A Safe Place for Consumers to Get Help With Debt


Creating a Safe Place for Consumers to Find Debt Relief.

When you are in financial trouble, you are vulnerable to being taking advantage of. Shopping for a reliable financial assistance firm to help can be overwhelming. Many consumer help sites are actually owned and managed by the very companies you should avoid. Here at OCCAM, we take consumer safety very seriously. OCCAM is overseen and run by a team of ethical, consumer focused industry veterans working together to create a safe place for you to get real help.

The companies that we certify have been rigorously investigated and audited to ensure ethical and reliable services. They cannot “BUY” their way into the OCCAM Certified Network. Our rigorous membership on-boarding and vetting protocols ensure that only the best companies earn OCCAM Certification and membership. We reward good companies while protecting and informing consumers. From vetting and investigations to policy and compliance enforcement, OCCAM is the simplest answer to meaningful industry self-regulation. We are the GOLD Standard in the financial services industry. We represent EVERY type of debt relief service, so no matter what you are struggling through, financially, we have options. Click the Get Out of Debt tab to learn more.

When it comes to seeking help with your finances, you have to get it right the first time. OCCAM’s rigorous vetting and investigation process during membership onboarding will ensure that you know exactly who you’re dealing with. It is our mission to not only uncover any hidden reefs, but to see through the hype and marketing to reveal exactly who you are dealing with. Advertising and marketing often allow bad companies to hide in the shadows while enticing you to believe that they are good. OCCAM shines the light in all the dark places to help you navigate to the right company, the first time. OCCAM Certified Companies will be meticulously audited prior to acceptance.  Member companies, media outlets, consumer complaint data and tips will grant us a unique opportunity to identify consumer threats from within the industry. OCCAM has created a a system that you can TRUST.

When OCCAM vets a company for potential membership and certification, we request every detail of the company’s operation. We run background checks on the owners and senior staff, we inspect their marketing, sales materials and contracts. We investigate their licenses and registration to ensure they are setup correctly and are operating legally in the states they are working in. We also inspect their inner operations to make sure proper training is in place, appropriate compliance management systems are effective and they are running a tight ship. So far as we are concerned, sloppy practices have no place in this industry. Trade groups and associations have been vastly inneffective in controlling the practices of their members and they fall short in every category when it comes to meaningful self regulation and consumer protection. In most cases, associations and trade groups are a “pay to play” system where members pay dues to be a part of it. OCCAM is a merit based system and does not charge monthly “membership dues” to be involved. We took money and financial interests out of the equation, so we can make decisions based solely on what is right. When OCCAM directs you to a resource, it is because it is the best available resource for your unique situation.

There’s a New Sheriff in Town

There’s no such thing as “Good Cop Vs. Bad Cop”, there is just “Cop”. Good companies should be front and center and easily identified among the crowd of internet noise and pseudo-credibility. Businesses that blur the lines, walk in the “grey area” or outright break the rules to make their million dollar prize are in for a rude awakening. OCCAM will sift the wheat and the chaff so you know who the good guys are. We will work with state and federal agencies to identify and weed out the bad actors that seek only to enrich themselves at your expense. OCCAM will work diligently to identify potential risks and alert the consumers to bad practices, while showcasing the companies that truly have your best interests at heart. Good companies should be easy to find and connect with. OCCAM is paving the way for you. Bad actors, beware. We’re watching.

Got Debt? We Have Answers.

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