Got Debt? Need HELP?

Facing your debt and knowing where to begin can be overwhelming.
Let OCCAM simplify this process for you.

Debt Relief Options. Simplified.

It is imperative that you understand the various options available to you when deciding to tackle an overwhelming debt situation. Sometimes, life throws you a curveball. If you are struggling to decide how to best engage your debts, you need knowledge. There are several options available to you and it is your obligation to know what they are. OCCAM is here to help. Spend some time researching your options and when you have decided the direction you would like to take, reach out to one of the OCCAM Certified firms to take the next step. Every company should take the time to complete a financial overview session with you to identify and understand your unique financial situation. Only from that position should any company attempt to enroll you into their programs. This website is designed to connect you to quality providers that have been thoroughly audited and vetted by industry experts. In this digital, often virtual economy, you need to know who you are working with.

Companies offering debt relief options use a variety of tactics to attract you to their offering. You may receive mailers, emails, text/SMS messages, Facebook ads or direct messages. There are hundreds of variations of marketing messages in play. These companies often brandish badges and logos that make them sound qualified and are designed to build your confidence in them. Let’s be real, do you even know what those badges represent? Many times, there is nothing substantial behind those badges or affiliations. OCCAM is designed to give you the information you need to make a quality decision. When working with an OCCAM Certified Company, you will know EXACTLY who is on the other end of that phone (or Advertisement).


Trust is something that is earned, not bought. Only companies that are willing to stand behind what they do and are willing to be completely transparent about who they are and why they are qualified to help you should be considered worthy of your trust. When you are in debt, you need a trustworthy, competent, ethical company that has the skills to help you. Many of the news articles and legal actions you have seen taken against debt relief industry companies were well deserved. Until now, there has been no effective way to create meaningful self-regulation within the industry. The Trade Groups have been ineffective in controlling the industry, the government agencies have scrambled to create laws to alleviate the abuses and the states have taken their own precautions. As we see it, this is our own fault. You deserve great service at a fair price by a company that will put YOU first. OCCAM will make that happen.

Depending on which type of debt you are carrying, there are a multitude of options available for you. Finding the solutions and options is really the easy part. Learning how those options can help you is also quite straight forward. Just summon the mighty Google and start researching. There are a great many websites devoted to helping you understand the options for getting out of debt. Unfortunately, many of those resources are also trying to sway you into a particuilar funnel and sell you a service. That’s where you need to be very careful. Many of the rating and review sites you see out there are actually owned by the very companies they promote. Some are “pay to promote” sites where the company pays a monthly fee to be showcased on their consumer review site. Not very transparent, is it? Did you know that companies can also buy “Likes” and positive reviews? They can even buy video and print testimonials. In a world of misinformation, wouldn’t it be great to know exactly who you are working with and KNOW why they are uniquely qualified to help you? OCCAM Members are exactly those companies. We thoroughly audit and vet the members and require that they operate in total transparency. When you engage a company and they say they are OCCAM Members, you can go directly to our site and see exactly who you are working with, their credentials, and even the profiles of their key personnel. You will know that if you go to the address they provide you, you will walk directly into their physical office. If you ever run into a dispute with an OCCAM Member, we will be right by your side to see that it gets handled to YOUR satisfaction. OCCAM is a safe place for you to get help with your debt related challenges. OCCAM is MERIT based not “Membership” based.

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