If you feel you have been mishandled by a financial services company, OCCAM is here to help.


If you have a grievance with any OCCAM Member, we want to know about it. OCCAM has a ZERO tolerance complaint policy. OCCAM Members are internally regulated and will abide by our code of conduct and will resolve complaints promptly. If you have a grievance with a non OCCAM Service Provider, we will assist you in getting connected with the appropriate State or Federal Government Agency to find resolution if we cannot get resolution. OCCAM is the safe place to get assistance with your debt related challenges.

At OCCAM, we work diligently to ensure a safe experience. We are all consumers and we are entitled to fair treatment and a swift resolution to challenges we face with companies we are doing business with. If you have a dispute with an OCCAM Member that isn’t being resolved to YOUR satisfaction, we are here for you. Mistakes happen and sometimes things don’t go as planned. It happens. It’s what happens afterwards that is important. We strive to maintain a consumer first mentality and our members should abide by our code of conduct. When you file a grievance with OCCAM, we will immediately reach out to the company and start the resolution process. We will work diligently to get the challenge resolved to your satisfaction. If the company is found to be negligent and does not respond quickly, we will draft a resolution with the advice of our Advisory Board for that vertical. If the resolution isn’t followed, we will help you take the matter before the appropriate party(ies) to ensure a full resolution. We take your protection seriously.

If you have a complaint with any OCCAM Member, please alert us immediately. OCCAM Members are held to our strict ZERO Complaint Tolerance Policy. They will make it right and close your complaint to YOUR satisfaction. That is just one more benefit of working with an OCCAM Certified Member Company. OCCAM Members will work diligently to assist you and will always put you, the consumer, first. If you receive a mailer or phone call from a Non-OCCAM Company and need us to investigate, submit an inquiry below and we will find out exactly who they are and let you know if they are safe to engage. OCCAM Membership is not mandatory, so as long as the company reaching out to you is legitimate and acting as a “good corporate citizen” we will give you the green light. On the other hand, if they are not, we will reach out to them and determine the best course of action after we investigate. The entire OCCAM network will work cohesively to identify risky players in the space and alert you to potential problems. We are determined to clean up this industry and help you find meaningful options to get help with your financial challenges.

*OCCAM and its Members will cooperate fully and aid State and Federal Regulators in identifying risky or fraudulent behaviors to better protect you.

OCCAM’s commitment to cleaning up the debt relief industry practices and creating a safe ecosystem for consumers to find real help doesn’t stop with membership. We will diligently enforce the industry best practices and identify bad actors and unsafe business practices.We will work as a team to clean up the reputation of the industry and create meaningful self-regulation. OCCAM’s Enforcement activities will be proactive as we shine the light on the industry and police the companies operating within it. The end result will be an easy way for consumers to find qualified help and the creation of a reliable consumer focused, self-regulation system. OCCAM will be rolling out new processes, protocols and tools to better assist businesses providing help to consumers and enforce expectations. 


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