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If you are a business operating in the general consumer financial hardship industry, we invite you to join the OCCAM community. By becoming an OCCAM member, you will have access to valuable training resources, industry updates, and the opportunity to connect with other businesses who share your commitment to excellence. Together, we can create a brighter future for consumers and the industry as a whole.

Our Board

The OCCAM advisory board is a group of industry leaders and experts who meet regularly to discuss and address issues facing the financial and credit services industry. The board is made up of professionals from various verticals within the industry, including credit repair, debt settlement, credit counseling, bankruptcy, tax resolution, and student loan assistance.

The advisory board serves several key functions for OCCAM and its member businesses. First and foremost, the board provides oversight to ensure that member businesses are complying with OCCAM’s best practices protocols and policies, as well as any relevant laws and regulations. This helps to ensure that consumers receive the highest quality service from OCCAM member businesses.

In addition to providing oversight, the advisory board also works to identify and address any issues or challenges facing the industry. The board may assign committees to focus on specific issues, and bring recommendations and solutions back to the full board for discussion and decision-making.

Another important role of the advisory board is to serve as a resource for OCCAM member businesses. The board members are experts in their respective fields and are available to provide guidance and support to member businesses as needed.

Overall, the OCCAM advisory board is a vital component of the organization, helping to ensure that member businesses are able to provide the highest quality service to consumers, while also promoting compliance, transparency, and self-regulation within the industry.

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