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  1. Minor Pentatonic Magic (Ayla Tesler-Mabe)
  2. Easy Licks That Sound Advanced!
  3. Guitar Scales Lesson - Box 2 of the Minor Pentatonic Scale - Blues Scale
  4. Guitar Scales Lesson - Box 3 of the Minor Pentatonic Scale - Blues Scale
  5. 4 Pentatonic Exercises Every Guitarist Should Know! (Bonus PDF Chart))
  6. Candlebox - Far Behind Guitar Tutorial w/TABS
  7. Pearl Jam - Yellow Ledbetter - Tutorial - How To Play - Guitar Lesson
  8. 5 BADASS Blues Licks!
  9. Killer Blues Lick #1
  10. 1 Easy Blues Lick All Over The Neck
  11. T-Bone Walker Guitar Lesson - learn great licks here
  12. Mix BLUES Licks With Chords | 12 bar blues + TABS
  13. B.B. King's Guitar Style - Guitar Lesson
  14. Slow and Easy Blues Guitar Lesson - Play Blues Guitar By Yourself - EP307
  15. (Part 1 of 3) Learn blues phrasing on guitar. - Easy blues phrasing guitar lesson - EP311
  16. Free Fallin' Guitar Lesson - Tom Petty
  17. How to Use a Looper - Our Easy Looper Guide with a BOSS RC-3
  18. Elementor Responsive Landing Page Design | WordPress Elementor Pro Tutorial
  20. How To Play Meet Me At The Spot Guitar THE ANXIETY // easy guitar tutorial beginner lesson
  21. 3 Easy Rockabilly Solo Tricks - X Ray Cat Trio
  22. Elvis Presley - Don't Be Cruel - Rockabilly Guitar Lesson - You need these licks!
  23. Rockabilly 50's style lead guitar solo
  24. Ted Nugent Star Licks Guitar Lessons From 1995
  25. Rockabilly Rhythm and Lead Guitar Lesson - Learn several classic Rockabilly Licks - EP226
  26. Carlos Cavazo - Star Licks 1984 (eng)
  27. Metallica - One Guitar Lesson Pt.1 - Intro & Verse
  28. Stranglehold guitar lesson recap for Mark
  29. John Mayer Teaches His PENTATONIC EQUATOR Concept with fretLIVE Animations! (Guitar Lesson)
  30. 6 Iconic Jimi Hendrix Guitar Chords (Learn How To Play Them!)
  31. The 10 Levels Of 12-Bar Blues (Guitar Lesson)
  32. Steve Stine Guitar Lesson - Understanding the 12-Bar Blues and the I IV V Chords
  33. "Tennessee Whiskey" SUPER EASY Beginner Acoustic Guitar Tutorial+ Lesson | Easy 2-Chord Guitar Songs
  34. 12 Bar Blues In 12 Keys - Blues Rhythm Guitar Lessons [BL-201]
  35. "Cliffs Of Dover": Demystifying The Iconic Eric Johnson Guitar Melody. Guitar Lesson
  36. 2 Beautiful Ways EVERYONE Can Play Triads! (Solos & Riffs)
  37. Pearl Jam Yellow Ledbetter Guitar Lesson + Tutorial
  38. Cry Baby Wah Wah Pedal Demo and Review by Marty Schwartz
  39. How To Play Worship Guitar Chord Inversions (Moveable Chord Inversions and Shapes) EBOOK!
  40. Gibson Les Paul Standard and a Fender Blues Junior
  41. Elementor Flexbox Container: Row, Column, Align Items & Align Self
  42. INSTANTLY Change The Way You Play Chords (DO THIS!)
  43. RATT Back For More Guitar Lesson + Tutorial
  44. Round and Round Guitar Lesson - Ratt - Chords/Rhythms
  45. Ted Nugent May 6, 2017
  46. How to BS ANYONE Into Thinking You're a GREAT Guitarist (EASILY)
  47. 60-Second Riff - Play Once and Be Hooked for HOURS!
  48. 3-Note Country Guitar Solo System
  49. Steve Stine Guitar Lesson - (Fretboard Chord Trick) Play All Guitar Chords In Every Key
  50. 10-Minute Guitar Practice Routine for Beginners
  51. The CAGED system for guitar explained
  52. Here's How To Use the CAGED System To Play A GREAT Solo!
  53. This Simple Ynwgie Lick Will Make You Better!
  54. Cinderella - Gypsy Road (Guitar Cover)
  55. Cinderella "Gypsy Road" Guitar Solo Breakdown w/ Uncle Ben Eller! Weekend Wankshop 319
  56. The Ultimate 80s Metal Scale!.. and How To Use It!
  57. The Best Riffs of 1984 with Uncle Ben Eller
  58. 5 Famous Drop-D Guitar Riffs And How To Play Them (With Tabs)
  59. 3 Metal Tones With 1 Amp Modeller - Mooer GE 200
  60. Wait Solo White Lion Cover
  61. Deleted video
  62. GIBSON LES PAUL - How to Setup your Electric Guitar with a Fixed Radius Bridge, Step-by-Step.
  63. Ambient Guitar Tip #4: Chord Shapes
  64. As Much GUITAR THEORY As I Can Teach In 1 Hour
  65. Learn Beautiful Chord Shapes | Open Voicings
  66. Wanted Dead or Alive Bon Jovi Cover | Guitar Tab | Lesson | Tutorial | Donner
  67. Super Mario Bros Theme Song Guitar Lesson + Tutorial
  68. How to Sweep Pick: Beginner's Guide
  69. The Hidden Secret Of Top Guitar Players
  70. Metallica One Guitar Lesson + Tutorial (Intro + Opening Solo)
  71. The Main E Blues Phrase You Should Memorize Today
  72. Stranglehold - Ted Nugent. Awesome Guitar Riff of the Day and How to Play it.
  73. Eddie Van Halen - Unchained feat. Satchel (Steel Panther)
  74. Metallica - One Guitar Lesson Pt.2 - All Heavy/Distorted Rhythm Parts
  75. 5 Killer Zakk Wylde Guitar Licks - Lead Guitar Lesson With Robert Baker
  76. Play THIS lick with your open chords 🥰
  77. Play THIS lick when you play an A Chord 🥰
  78. Once I Learned This Call & Response My Blues Phrasing Changed Forever!
  79. Play Acoustic Blues With LICKS - IMPRESS Your Friends
  80. THE BEST Acoustic Open E Blues Lick - You Will Use This Forever!
  81. How To Play Along With ANY Song On Guitar - Even If You Are A Total Beginner
  82. Use THIS Emotional Lick when you play a G Chord
  83. Play THIS Lick when You Play An E Chord
  84. Learn "Tennessee Whiskey" by Chris Stapleton - Guitar Riff & Solo Lesson
  85. Play THESE TWO Licks With Your Open Chords
  86. The Star-Spangled Banner Guitar Lesson (Solo Guitar)
  87. EASIEST PATTERN EVER I should have known 20 years ago!
  88. Play THIS EASY Lick on ACOUSTIC Guitar 😍

3-Note Country Guitar Solo System

kxhan15@gmail.com August 30, 2023

3-Note Country Guitar Solo System 📀📄 Grab the Backing Tracks + TAB here: https://www.guitarmasterymethod.com/country-solo-system?utm_source=youtube&utm_campaign=cso&utm_content=3-note-country-guitar-solo-system&utm_term=guitar-lessons&utm_medium=video 00:00 – 3-Note Country Guitar Solo System 01:58 – The Major Scale Pattern (Played over G) 02:47 – Finding The 1st, 3rd, and 5th Notes (The Chord Tones) 03:49 – The Extended Major Scale Pattern (Played over G) 04:47 – More Groups of 1st, 3rd, and 5th Notes (The Chord Tones) 07:00 – Demonstration of The 4 Country Guitar Chord Tone Licks 07:40 – Lick #1 08:47 – Lick #2 10:40 – Lick #3 13:07 – Lick #4 17:11 – The Major Scale Pattern (Played Over C) 20:31 – Isolating The Chord Tones of G, C, and D Using The Major Scale Pattern 21:19 – The Country Lick Multiplier 21:41 – The 4 Country Guitar Chord Tone Licks 26:06 – Download Your Reference Material 27:18 – What We’ve Done In This Lesson Do you feel like playing country licks or a full country guitar solo is a bit out of your reach? Or maybe you’re not that much of a country music fan but you can appreciate a good country guitar solo enough to want to dabble in its secrets? Either way, you’re going to get a LOT out of this video. Because we’re going to explore the building blocks of what gives country licks and solos their identifiable sound! Over the years I’ve learned a lot of lessons on what it takes to hang with monster country musicians. As you could imagine, it was never easy. Sometimes I’d feel like they’re just as intimidating as jazz players. But that’s because real country musicians have cut their teeth on being out there in the field and pushing the limits of guitar playing in ways that became exclusive to country guitar. I learned that they follow a certain set of rules that make them masters of their craft. Once I realized this, I started creating my 3-Note Country Guitar Solo System to lay the groundwork of what those rules are and how to follow them yourself. So we’re going on a deep dive to find out what makes that country guitar solo tick (you know, the one in your head right now as you read this.) Learning this system will show you how to play by the same rules that the country guitar greats do. This is how you can begin to unravel the mysteries of how they do what they do and how to start playing country licks just like them! In the lesson I will break down the system for you, but it won’t end there. Of course I gotta show you some badass country licks to go with it that’ll put this system into action. You’ll even be able to take the country licks and turn them into a full country guitar solo. So I recommend you take FULL advantage of this lesson and roll back the curtain on what makes up a good country guitar solo so you can start playing those country licks yourself! Here’s the Reference Material and Backing Tracks again if you need them! 👉 https://www.guitarmasterymethod.com/country-solo-system?utm_source=youtube&utm_campaign=cso&utm_content=3-note-country-guitar-solo-system&utm_term=guitar-lessons&utm_medium=video Rock On! Eddie Guitar Mastery Method — #guitarmasterymethod #guitarlessons #guitartutorial

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