Don’t trust a fancy logo. OCCAM Protocols are the TEETH behind the brand.

OCCAM is about TRUST.

When it comes to debt and debt relief there are a myriad of services and service providers that can help. Every situation is unique and requires specialists that are not just ethical and skilled, but who will do the job with excellence for the money you are spending. You need to know who to trust and know that the company you choose is being held accountable to provide that service effectively. Companies are held accountable for their performance and customer satisfaction. If you have a complaint against any OCCAM Member, we will intervene to ensure that your concerns are addressed to YOUR satisfaction.












All OCCAM Members will operate in absolute honesty in all their dealings, whether with a consumer, other OCCAM members, industry service providers, regulating agencies, media and/or any other engaging party. This includes disclosures that exceed the basic requirements. Truth always prevails.

All OCCAM Members will operate their businesses with integrity, in all their dealings. Whether with consumers, staff, regulators, media or the general public, OCCAM Members will conduct themselves in a manner worthy of their status.OCCAM members should emulate integrity in every area of their lives.

OCCAM Members will conduct themselves as though operating out of a glass box. Everything you do will be in complete transparency. Our OCCAM Member On-boarding will ensure that the company has been thoroughly investigated and verified. Every area of their business has been audited for compliance to State and Federal Laws.

OCCAM Members will conduct themselves and operate their businesses with excellence. From corporate culture and internal policies to the organization of their physical infrastructure. Agents must be background checked, data security policies must be sound and the entire operation should be run and maintained in a professional and forthright manner.

OCCAM Members will cooperate with each other through collaborative efforts, sharing of information and synergies that further the cause of our mission and commitment to consumers in need.
All OCCAM Members will abide by all state and federal laws as they pertain to this industry and the services we provide. The OCCAM Legal Advisory Board will assist you in understanding and complying with the current and future laws. OCCAM’s Compliance Advisory Board will be available to provide real assistance to members to ensure complete compliance.
All OCCAM Members will take responsibility for every area of their operation and will take responsibility for any shortcoming and work diligently to reconcile any challenge.
OCCAM Members will govern their enterprise in a spirit of self-regulation, seeking to improve all areas of their business and improve every area of their operation to improve and enhance the consumer experience.

All OCCAM Members will provide a full financial consultation, including thorough budgeting to best direct consumers to the best options to attain debt relief, even if it directs consumers to alternate options not provided by the company. The consumer’s best interest is the OCCAM Member’s top priority.

Consumers are our number one priority. ALL interactions with consumers should be focused on the best interest of the consumer at all cost. Every consumer who interacts with an OCCAM Member should be better off for interacting with us, whether they contract for services with us or not.

OCCAM Complaint Policy and Process


OCCAM utilizes a ZERO complaint tolerance policy. ALL complaints or inquiries will be handled to the consumer’s satisfaction in every case. Our complaint handling procedures are as follows:


  1. OCCAM is notified of complaint by consumer or reporting agency
  2. Business is notified by email, starting a 30-day countdown
  3. Consumer is contacted and interviewed
  4. If dispute is resolved, resolution is verified by consumer and no further action is taken.
  5. If dispute is unresolved, investigation begins
  6. If business is found negligent and responsible, they will be given a 3-day grace period to resolve the complaint. OCCAM will send a resolution demand with the recommended course of action. The Resolution Demand and Remedy will be created and directed by our Advisory Board and is FINAL.
  7. If complaint remains unresolved, company is terminated from OCCAM Membership for 1 year. All investigation findings, resolution demand and material are then forwarded to any State and/or Federal Agency appropriate to aid the consumer. OCCAM will then partner with the consumer to a final resolution.
  8. If consumer is found liable, OCCAM will provide a Certified Report to member to document the findings.
  9. OCCAM Advisory Board Members will assist and lend support for any questionable scenarios.


Debt Relief organizations exist to provide meaningful assistance to consumers in need. Each consumer should find resolution and receive excellent service while working with OCCAM Members. OCCAM Members are responsible for maintaining an excellent reputation always. OCCAM Members should be members of the BBB and maintain the highest marks. OCCAM Members are mandated to maintain impeccable reputation both on and offline. ALL complaints need to be addressed, whether they occured before OCCAM Membership or after. A full reputation management policy and process must be in place at all times inluding registration with the BCFP Database.

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