Our Advisory Board

Meet The Board

At OCCAM, we take pride in our dedicated and diverse board members who play a pivotal role in steering our organization toward its mission of empowering consumers and enhancing businesses in the Consumer Financial Hardship Industry. Our board members are industry experts, thought leaders, and advocates committed to driving positive change and upholding the highest standards of integrity and transparency.

OCCAM Founder, Matt Hearn

Matthew Hearn is a distinguished figure in the business world, renowned for his 25-year journey of exceptional leadership and transformative influence. As a master in navigating the complexities of business compliance and operational excellence, he stands as a beacon of visionary and authentic leadership within the industry.


In his multifaceted career, Matthew has earned acclaim for his strategic acumen and has been instrumental in fostering growth and excellence across various sectors. His extensive experience encompasses executive leadership, business growth consulting, and compliance management, contributing significantly to the success of numerous elite organizations.

As a board member of OCCAM, Matthew’s unparalleled expertise fortifies our commitment to creating a compliant ecosystem within the debt relief sphere. His leadership is not only a driving force in advancing industry standards but also in championing ethical practices and consumer advocacy.

Matthew’s role extends beyond the corporate arena, reflecting his profound dedication to societal impact. His leadership in nonprofit initiatives exemplifies his commitment to addressing community needs and fostering positive change.

Matthew Hearn’s presence on the OCCAM Board is a testament to our dedication to excellence, integrity, and consumer protection. His visionary outlook and steadfast commitment inspire trust and confidence, guiding OCCAM in its mission to elevate the standards of consumer financial hardship advocacy.

Our Dedicated Advisory Board Members

Meet the visionary leaders guiding OCCAM towards its mission of consumer empowerment and industry excellence. Our board members are a dynamic group of professionals who bring expertise, passion, and a commitment to ethical practices to the forefront of our organization.

Each board member plays a crucial role in shaping OCCAM’s policies, ensuring transparency, and advocating for the best interests of consumers and businesses in the Consumer Financial Hardship Industry. With diverse backgrounds and years of experience, our board members collectively drive OCCAM to be the gold standard in the financial services sector.

Stephanie Black

Credit Butterfly

Arash Khairi

Mediator Debt Solutions

Jeff Sipes

Blue Water Credit

Gene Broome

Credit Confidant

Geoff Lyles

Emerald City Financial

Larry Carnahan

Blue Star Credit

Jordan Carnahan

Blue Water Credit

Kyle Frasier

Cut Up Debt

Stanley Bailey

Bailey Enterprises

Craig Rice

Patriots Credit Services

Jim Rivette

Secure Account Service

Chad Smith


Angelo Anzelone

Veritas Legal

Ali Nader

Nader Law

Eran Sinai

ID Seal

Ken Richard


Jonathan Yong

Guardian Legal

George Baselous

Alleviate Tax

Mike Barsoum

Alleviate Financial

Mya Goodman

Credit Builders

Yana Gershfeld

Gershfeld Law Group

Yana Gershfeld

Gershfeld Law Group

Robert Moskovith

Mediator Law

Ken Richard


Get to know the individuals behind OCCAM’s success by exploring their profiles below. Learn about their impressive achievements, industry insights, and unwavering dedication to our cause. Their leadership is the cornerstone of our organization’s commitment to making a positive impact on the industry.